South Gap Hotel Barbados, best boutique in Barbados

I don’t know anybody who never wanted to go to Barbados, I have always wanted to dip my feet in the ocean and feel the warm breeze. So, in April of this year I did just that.

We all imagine how the Caribbean looks, and I suppose it’s a mix of streets filled with restaurants, street food vendors selling jerked meats and a very active nightlife and the vast Caribbean Sea, warm, salty and just waiting for you to drop a toe or two in.

That’s pretty much how I expected it to be, and in Barbados that pretty much sums it up.

So, if you were able to find a location that gave you the best of all those images you would be sort of in the right place.

The recently renovated South Gap Hotel offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea, a sizzling atmosphere and outstanding service. This affordable boutique hotel with remarkable staff is located on the South Coast of Barbados; approximately 15 minutes from the airport and the island’s capital, Bridgetown.

Here you can Indulge in the view from their pool deck as you soak up the sun and sip cocktails blended with Caribbean rum from their pool side restaurant. Be warned their rum punches are powerful!

If you imagine a luxury 25-million-pound yacht, then you have got the idea of how their pool deck looks. Sleek lines, floating sunbeds, sparklingly clean sundeck, beautiful sunshine, and a warm 30oC breeze. And that is just about every day!

To add to this there is great service at the poolside bar and a super clean showering station for when you get out of the pool.

Superb room in South Gap Hotel

I stayed in room 119 on the ground floor, I found it to be forensically clean, it’s a compact room but beautifully decorated with white walls sea blue curtains and bedspreads, well just like in the picture. Ice cold silent air conditioning too and delightful artwork.

The room comes with a full-sized fridge and freezer compartment, cooking area, coffee maker and everything you would need if you wanted to do self-catering.

Considering that you are located right in the heart of “The Gap” there are plenty of eating houses and street food vendors right on your doorstep and you really do wonder why  would want to cook but the option is there.

The bathroom again was spotless and I could find nothing out of place. Glorious walk in monsoon shower with delightful shampoo and conditioners. Fluffy towels and everything you would need for a super stay on the Island

If however you want to get the Caribbean sand in-between your toes and feel the buoyancy of the salt rich sea, then you are literally 5 minutes away from the beach.

Or if that does not appeal then step outside the front door and enjoy the exciting St Lawrence Gap vibe, which is one of the most vibrant streets in Barbados both day and night.

The Gap as it’s known is a long one-way street full of bars eating houses and street food vendors and is one of the most popular locations for visitors to the island. It is probably the busiest street on the island at night so it makes the location for this hotel spot on for tourists.

Generally, when I visit a hotel I go through everything with a fine-tooth comb, I suppose it’s down to my training in a 5-star hotel in my formative years.  I like to give an honest review of a place when I visit, so checking every detail is important.

At the South Gap Hotel, I found not one single issue, nothing bothered me and the hotel delivered on many levels. It was good value for money, well located, spotlessly clean and the service was superb. From the minute you walking the front door staff would do everything to make your stay memorable.

Really, I cannot fault this boutique hotel in any respect and from reading TripAdvisor reviews my thoughts are not alone, a recent guest on the 18th June 2019 wrote this amazing review:

So if you want a great value, wonderful service amazing staff, hotel right in the heart of where it’s at in Barbados head to the South Gap Hotel St Lawrence.