While being a student, especially of a difficult masters degree such as a masters in health communication, can be time consuming and stressful, it’s a great time to see some of the world. Before you settle down and have a family, or start full-time work, you should get out and see a few different places and cultures. You may even learn something. The thing that puts a lot of students off traveling is the expense. University is incredibly expensive, traveling can be also. How can you possibly afford both?


Start saving now if you haven’t already. Open a savings account, just for your holiday money. A little and often can add up without you noticing. Some great places to save money are on your food bills and utilities, so make a list of where you can save. A super easy way to save extra cash is the round up method; if something costs $3.75, round it up to $4 and put the .25 in a jar. Consider using an app to help you save more.

Take Your Time

You don’t need to see the world all in one go. For the most part, it isn’t going anywhere. Visit the UK in one holiday, then mainland Europe next time, and so on. It’s still traveling, and you may enjoy it more in short bursts, with no chance of home sickness or money worries. Make a list of all the places you want to see, and start ticking them off.


Make sure you plan for everything you’ll need, both before you go and while you’re away. Flights, accommodation and insurance are obvious, but don’t forget things like food and other day to day expenses.

Book in Advance

Booking any excursions you want to enjoy before you leave can save you a fortune. There are great deals to be had for tourists wanting to see all the attractions a city has to offer. Some travel firms also offer discounts for holidays booked in advance.

Book Last Minute

Late deals are also a great way to save money. Look for cancellations and special last minute offers if you’re not tied to a schedule.

Save on Expenses

Think about ways to save money while you are away. Walk to places instead of using public transport. This is a great way to see the sights and appreciate local life. Another easy idea is to cook instead of eating out all the time. As long as your accommodation has basic cooking facilities, you can buy fresh food and learn to cook the local cuisine.

Stay Close to Home

Some universities are in glorious locations, Boston University for example. Have you seen everything your own university town has to offer? Explore, pretend to be a tourist and see all the sites. You might find totally different things when looking at it from a whole new perspective.

There’s no reason you can’t travel, even if it’s just for a week or a few days here and there. Make the most of your holidays, and take a break from that health communication degree. You deserve it.