ferrari-F430-in-gardenWhether you are simply flying over to the UK mainland or going somewhere more exotic, one of the worst parts of travelling is often the part between leaving your house and taking off on your flight. There is not much you can do to make the airport experience any better, but when it comes to travelling there from home, it can actually make things a lot more comfortable and convenient if you take your own car rather than using public transport or taxis. While Belfast International airport is fairly well served by both, using your own car offers a level of flexibility and comfort that can make a trip far less stressful.

Travelling To Your Own Schedule

Many drivers who learn to drive do so to give them the convenience of travelling whenever they like. After all, public transport often doesn’t run on time, and taxis are expensive. Even if you are still learning to drive at the current time (and if you are, you should check out for free theory test help), this is undoubtedly something you are really looking forward to about holding a licence. When you are used to this, it can be a bit frustrating to do without your car when it’s seems like a one way trip, such as to the airport when you are going away for a while. However, driving to the airport means you can leave when you want, allow as much time as you need, and not be in fear of things outside of your control making you late for your flight.

It Can Be Cheaper

Airport parking may not be the cheapest thing in the world, but depending on how far away you live, it can actually end up being cheaper than a taxi each way or trains, depending on how long you’ll be away. There is also the option of taking someone with you in the car who can take your car back home for you after you’ve caught your flight, meaning you won’t even have to pay for parking but can still get all the advantages of going in your own vehicle.


If you are off on a relatively long trip or are carrying some unwieldy things like ski or diving gear or a child’s pushchair, then it can be something of a nightmare using public transport with all of your stuff, as well as keeping an eye on it throughout the journey. In your own car, travelling with lots of luggage or awkward items is simple, as you can load it at your leisure and get it straight onto an airport trolley at the other end.

However long you have been driving, the convenience and freedom of travelling to the airport in your own vehicle can take so much of the stress out of catching a plane, that it is well worth thinking about, especially if you can keep costs down.