When choosing a career path it’s important to decide whether you want something that ties you to a specific place, or a job that will allow you to explore as you see fit. Sometimes people want a balance of the two, with relocation being a possibility without the requirement of constantly bouncing around to different locations. Nursing offers a combination of stability and travel, making you eligible to be hired by employers worldwide, yet capable of choosing a long-term home base if desired. With that said, here are three of the top reasons why nursing is definitely a career that’s ideal for travelers:

1. The Ability to Earn Your Degree Online During Your Travels

The fact that you can study for a masters of science in nursing online means that even the process of becoming a nurse is travel-friendly. You can be on a perpetual road trip and complete your MSN online from the comfort of an RV, tent, or hotel room if you want. As long as you have internet connection you’re good to go.

Furthermore, you get to choose from a growing number of distance learning providers like the University of Arizona, regardless of where you’re currently residing. As long as you can find 2-4 hours to devote to studying and completing assignments every weekday, you can go and live wherever you like during your schooling.

2. The Opportunity to Enjoy Extended Stays

Normally when we think of travel-friendly careers we consider professions like photography, archaeology, and tourism services. These are occupations that can have you traveling to different areas of the world frequently, but they don’t offer the opportunity to permanently live in those regions for extended periods of time.

On the other hand, a career in nursing makes you eligible to be hired at almost any hospital or healthcare facility around the world, so you can actually take your time learning about the local culture and scenery before relocating after a few months or years if desired. Anyone can say, “oh yeah, I’ve been to such and such place” but not everyone can say they actually lived there for a while.

3. A Variety of Job Options, Some of Which Involve Regular Travel

With a nursing degree it’s also possible to apply for jobs in a variety of industries that are more conducive to ongoing travel. For example, military nurses are frequently transferred to different bases and therefore get exposed to many different cities and countries during their careers.

Best of all, travel nursing jobs typically include benefits that cover or discount the cost of your travels, and there’s a degree of spontaneity involved because you never know which location you’ll be visiting next.

Guaranteed Off-time and Pay

Plus, there’s never a concern that you’ll be short on funds or that your enjoyment will be contingent on something. For example, a traveling salesman might not know what to expect when they arrive at their destination, whereas a nurse knows they’re going to be paid their expected salary and have time off to enjoy regardless of what transpires.

All of the above reasons make nursing the ideal profession for anyone with a desire to see the world.