GET YOUR PAWS ON AFERRY! dogThere’s a first time for ferry travel for everyone even the favourite family pet!  Although the Pet Travel Scheme is now well established and easier than ever to use, many people have still not thought about taking their pet away with them on that short break or family holiday.  43% of British households have a pet.  Even with their own passport they are not allowed to travel alone; so we must not forget to take them with us and give them a vacation too.

Many more people are remembering that they can travel with their trusty dog or cat. celebrated the end of 2015 with record number of pet owners sailing the seas with their beloved four-legged friends.  Over 15,000 pets travelled in 2015 with, a record. There was also a record number of people booking via the Aferry app, showing how committed Aferry is to expanding their booking platforms to book all members of the family on all types of devices at all times.

To make things even easier Aferry has a Complete Guide to Taking Your Pet Abroad on their website as well as NEW for 2016 – in a short video.  All you need to do is find out that the country you intend to visit will accept animals and then you’ll need an EU Pet Passport. The passport shows that your pet has been microchipped, had a rabies vaccine and a satisfactory blood test showing the vaccine worked.

With, five times winner of the WTA Leading Ferry Website, not only do you find the best deal for you …but also for your pet.  Choose for your ferry bookings worldwide. is The Travel Gateway’s leading online ferry brand, which features real-time comparison technology for ferries, generating over 55 million unique visitors per year and over 3,000 bookings per day. Founded in 1997, has been an industry leader for nearly two decades and has strong relationships with ferry companies from across the globe.

Not only can service all your UK ferry needs, but this handy site covers European, Asian and American routes too – over 1,800 routes around the world from over 140 ferry companies. With apps for iPhone and Android, and a website optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop devices you can compare and book ferries from wherever you are with ease.